Today was a humbling one. This morning I had the pleasure to spend some time with a very nice lady who was visiting from my hometown. She dropped by the office to purchase a few shirts for her family - a family I've known for years. I actually worked my first job as a teenager for she and her husband's small town business where they instilled within me a work ethic that I still carry with me today in my own business.

As we caught up, she proceeded to tell me over and over of how she was so proud of my business and admired the respectable man that I had become. I politely smiled and thanked her, but as I asked about her own son I felt less to be admired in my work. She told me that he is currently serving our country in the Navy and that he would be commissioned as an Officer in just a few short days. I couldn't help but to stop her.

I spent a lot of my younger years on military bases and know firsthand what it means to serve. I wanted to thank her for his service. I wanted to thank her for her family's sacrifice. Most of all, I wanted to tell her how proud I was of her son and how men and women like him are my heroes. I was humbled by her admiration of my work, because what I do every day in running a clothing company is so small when compared to the dedication of patriots and first responders of our country who serve abroad and on our home soil.

Today, when not everyone stands to salute a flag and where police can be seen as the enemy rather than the protector, I just wanted to take a moment to tip my cap. To all of those who honorably serve our country, I thank you. You are my heroes.