I had asked myself that same question (WHY BOURBON?) pretty much every morning of every weekend through college...and maybe beyond. Bourbon hangovers are the worst. But these days I answer that question in a different context. If you're browsing our website and end up on the FAQ page, you will find the number one question that we are asked: Do you guys make bourbon? The answer is simple, yet complex - No, but it has certainly made us. 

Growing up in the Bluegrass state, we were raised on bourbon and horses. Bourbon is a staple condiment in any Bluegrass household. You never question the rich taste of the aged charred oak barrels, you just drink it. You either love it or grow to love it. It is often said that there are more bourbon barrels in our state than there are people. We haven’t counted, but we’re certain that it's either a fact or a statement made while under the influence of...you guessed it - bourbon.

Apart from the obvious roots of our upbringing, we see bourbon as an icon of both America and the South. In 1964, the United States Congress declared bourbon as "a distinctive product of the United States" or more romantically as America's Native Spirit. Legally, to be called ‘bourbon’ a whiskey spirit must be made on American soil (most commonly in Kentucky).

That's why bourbon is our brand. Like our beloved homeland, it is smooth, but tough. It's hard to fight it once it's in your blood. It is literally and figuratively the American spirit.

Put that American spirit on your shirt today.