dixie reserve 90 proof bw


Sometimes a man doesn't know where he is from until he leaves.

Some years ago, I left my home in the south for a short time to find myself and it wasn't until I left the historically rich land of Dixie that I found out who I was: a Southerner.

A Southerner isn't just someone who is defined by where they are born; it's about a way of life.  A way of life where you wave at a stranger because they wave back with a smile. A place where both sweet tea and bourbon are served in mason jars. Where the melody of an old country song can connect itself with more than just a memory. Where Saturdays mean college football and Sundays mean hymnals from an old church pew. And the only place where a man's word and a handshake still mean everything.

That's what this is all about. It's not about t-shirts, button-ups, or ball caps...it's about a state of mind. A way of life that has no geographical boundaries. Whether you live below the Mason-Dixon Line or just long for a time when you once did, we want you to carry that southern state of mind with you. If you can put on one of our shirts, no matter where you are, and find yourself among the sweet winds of the south...we have been successful.

-Bryant Hawkins
Dixie Reserve, Founder

WHY BOURBON (as the DR logo)?
No- We don't make bourbon, but bourbon has certainly made us.
Besides the obvious (we're based out of Kentucky), we see bourbon as an icon of America and the South. In 1964, the US Congress declared bourbon as "a distinctive product of the United States" or more romantically as America's Native Spirit. To be called "bourbon" a whiskey spirit has to be made on American soil. We carry this into everything we produce at Dixie Reserve. In terms of bourbon, we’re a small batch brand. Since our beginning, every product that we have put our name on has been handcrafted at some point during the manufacturing process in our Kentucky studio. We aim to keep it that way.

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