This is short, but from the bottom of my heart.

I've spent the first couple days of this new year just reflecting (and watching football). I could not be more excited about this year or more thankful for the past year. 2016 was a year of many firsts and even a few lasts for us. It was a year of taking risks and learning along the way. More so, it was a humbling year. It was a year in which you people, all across this country, welcomed us into your lives. 

You put us on your backs and tossed us on your heads. You threw us off onto a creek bank as you jumped in to cool off. You cozied up in us by a fire on a chilly day. You even spilled a drink on us at the bar (yeah, we saw that). You made 2016 one heck of a ride! 

I still can't wrap my mind around how this thing has taken off and become Dixie Reserve so quickly. You people spend your hard-earned money on this dream of mine and I will never take that for granted. Whether you shared or liked a post, bought one shirt or filled your closet to the brim, or just now discovered us...Thank you, my friends, for being a part of our 2016. I can't wait to be a part of your 2017!