I was changing the oil in my old truck over the weekend when I couldn't find the oil filter wrench anywhere. It's kind of a necessary tool to avoid losing your religion on an easy job. A man can certainly get the job done without the wrench, but a man could also start a fire by rubbing a couple kindling sticks together until your knuckles are raw and the air is littered with more four letter words than smoke. You'll find me with a handful of matches and a bottle of lighter fluid in the other. Nevertheless, I forged searching through every tool box, chest, drawer, crevice of my truck, and every nook and cranny two and three times. Not until after I had finally scratched a few hairs off atop my head, there it was of course sitting in the last place I looked. Well, at that point it occurred to me that might be the dumbest phrase known to man: "in the last place I looked." I'll tell you this, if you're looking for a tool, keys, a wallet (anything under the sun as a matter of fact) and it's not in "the last place you look" you're not the sharpest tool in the shed. Never keep looking for anything after you find it and it will always be in the last place you look. Oh, and we just released some new hats this week. Don't look too hard for them, they'll be under the HEADWEAR tab. Have a good Monday, folks.

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