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Hey, Folks! We know Dixie Reserve Co. isn’t the fit for everyone on your Christmas shopping list…so we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite smaller brands that we hope you’ll support this holiday season! We love these guys!

Horse of Windsor Tea Towel by_MAIZIE CLARKE: maizie-clarke.com | Louisville, KY
A honed craft by the namesake illustrator, Maizie Clarke. Offering thoughtful, heirloom pieces featuring original and delightful illustrations that tell a story.

Leather Pocket Journal by_CLAYTON & CRUME: claytonandcrume.com | Louisville, KY
Launched while the two founders were just college students, C&C proudly designs and hand crafts products from their Louisville, KY workshop. It is the C&C mission to create goods that, like a barrel of good Kentucky bourbon, only get better with time. PRODUCT LINK.

Glory Glory Card by_THE OLD TRY: theoldtry.com | Boston, MA
Faulkner said to write what you know. Old Try started that way. By writing and designing Southern things for folks who lived in and out of the South. Things that connect people to a place they go to in their dreams, or a place they could never convince themselves to leave. PRODUCT LINK.

Top Shelf Bowtie by_E.F. MEEKS: efmeeks.com | Lexington, KY
Keeping the spirit of his grandfather, Eugene F. Meeks, alive Eric launched E.F. Meeks three years ago. The late Eugene loved to wear bright and unique coats and had a personality that fit them perfectly. E.F. Meeks carries that legacy along. PRODUCT CREATED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH DIXIE RESERVE CO.

The Aviator Mug by_LOYAL STRICKLIN: loyalstricklin.com | Nashville, TN
Loyal Stricklin is an idea built from nothing. One hide turned to two, two to four, and four to many more.  With a few simple tools, we began our story: one built on hard work, late nights, and too many cups of coffee. PRODUCT LINK.

Wine Bottle Holder by_Walnut Hill Woodworks: walnuthillwoodworks.com | Ashland City, TN
Father and Son woodworkers. At Walnut Hill Woodworks there is the added advantage of operating a saw-milling business. Although not all the wood we use comes from their mill, Walnut Hill Woodworks still hand select each piece of lumber that goes into each of their pieces. It must meet a standard of strength and beauty that will ensure it to be able to stand up to the test of time, in other words, they build heirlooms.

Magnetic State by_W.S.A. : thewoodenstates.com | Louisville, KY
After graduating, Ben decided to put his business (and woodworking) skills to the test by creating a logo, website and a small product line. After a year the Wooden States seemed to rise to the top among the other products. In the fall of 2015, Ben decided to devote the majority of my time to the Wooden States - and, well, here he is. PRODUCT LINK.

SEC Needlepoint Key Fob by_Smathers & Branson: smathersandbranson.com | Bethesda, MD
In 2004, college roommates launched a business inspired by gifts they had received: Needlepoint Belts. Now offering a full line of collegiate and professional sports licensed needlepoint products, S&B strives to offer the finest products with the customer service to match. PRODUCT LINK.

Heavy Duty Fabric Wax by_Otter Wax: otterwax.com | Portland, OR
Mother Nature has given us all the tools we need to create products for everyday life. Using natural ingredients that come from sustainably harvested sources and offer the least amount of environmental impact. Otter Wax products are made from natural plant-based ingredients and humanely harvested beeswax, and lanolin without sacrificing effectiveness. PRODUCT LINK.

Outlaws of County Music Print by_Joanna Dee Studio: joannadee.com | Nashville, TN
An illustration style that is deeply inspired by mid-century illustrators. The content-matter is unique, aiming to tell stories, teach history, all while being beautiful illustration pieces. PRODUCT LINK.

Basic Waxed Hat by_well….yeah! We had to throw something of ours in there! PRODUCT LINK.