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It's funny. We tend to remember the big moments in life: Your college graduation (hopefully you weren't too hungover). Your wedding day (probably a good idea to avoid the hangover here too). The day you held your first born in your arms (the same arms you would now cut off for that little life). But it's the little moments in life that can define us.

I'll never forget the first time I saw one of our products "in the wild." You know, seeing someone you have never met in your entire life holding a piece of your hard work. I was at a music festival on the hottest night of the summer; the kind you just know in the pit of your stomach is going to be something special. Despite having zero lick of musical talent, my first love has always been music...especially live music. I can only imagine in a crowd of over 10,000 that I was in my own little world just taking in the band as the eyes of a good friend lit up like she had just seen Jesus, himself, take the stage to play a 15 minute cover of Free Bird.

Now I don't want to take away from what was really at her attention, but that would have been memorable to say the least. However, standing amongst the crowd was a guy also in his own little world taking in the band all while wearing one of our Dixie Reserve hats. At that time, we had probably only sold a few hundred hats at best in our infancy. The odds of seeing one of the few people who had actually bought one of our 90 Proof logo crested hats not just because they knew us and felt sorry for us was unlikely. But I had and it was a moment that defined us.

I will always remember that as being the night I knew this journey was going to take us on an amazing ride. All of these years later and I'm still just as excited as I was on that first hot summer night every time I see one of our products "in the wild." It's a rush and you guys are incredible. Thanks for always supporting and breathing life into our journey, Friends. Soak up the little moments.

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