texas strong dixie reserve flag

I am not perfect and yesterday was not my day. If something could go wrong, it seemed like it did. As she so often does, my better half, Kate, put me in my place at the height of my frustration. She simply looked at me and said, "You're not in Texas." She was right. I wasn't in Texas, but I wish I was. I have been blown away by the amazing acts of humans loving humans the past few days during times that I cannot imagine. I wish I was there running a jon boat and a trolling motor until it was too dark to see. I wish I was there selflessly helping others who truly were having the worst day of their life.

God has a way of humbling us. Today I woke up, pulled up my bootstraps, and decided to make today better. If not for me, then for someone else. Between now and Sept. 15, 100% of the net proceeds ($50) from this limited run TX STRONG flag will be donated to help the recovery efforts of the recent Hurricane Harvey. We're a small company, but we hope this can help to make someone's bad day a little brighter. We're praying for you, Texas (and surrounding areas).

By the way, the flag was Kate's idea too. Behind every decent man is definitely a great woman. Thanks, Kate!

To purchase TX STRONG Flag, CLICK HERE.

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