I have spent the better part of today trying to wrap my mind around how we got here. I was raised in a different world than this. I grew up when the phrase "be careful" was just a polite Southernism no different than saying, "that dog won't hunt" or "bless your heart". It was just something you said when someone left the house that really didn't mean anything, but now we truly have to "be careful" in this world. I don't know how we got here, what went wrong, or where we went off course...but it is a dark place we live in when events like what happened on Sunday are a common occurrence. I don't have much of a platform and no one is knocking on my door for my thoughts, but I do believe we are better than this. Change can start with one person. Love one another, Friends, because hate has no place in this world.

I'm praying for you, Vegas and a world where "be careful" is just a polite Southernism once again.

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